About us

DK Paper is a modern B2B company within the paper/board business.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our business. we are independent and based in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. DK Paper takes on a dual role serving both the industry and the trade. We work to help and support our contacts both in supplying quality paper as well as clearing obsolete, surplus stocks, and similar quantities tyingup our contacts money.

Purchasing customers:

Paper merchants, traders, converters, publishers, and very large printing companies. We give the limited service and can therefore sell our products at competitive prices.

Supplying customers:

Paper merchants, traders, publishers, and especially paper and board manufacturers. DK Paper’s advantage is being financially strong and able to handle also larger volumes of above mentioned products. We can convert, including relabelling, and sell the products completely without reference to the supplying sources.

DK Paper has long standing international contacts and thorough market knowledge.